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The spaniel from the My Family Vets advert is in recovery after a dangerous encounter with rat poison

Flo the cocker spaniel, adorable star of the TV advert for My Family Vets’ £49 Puppy and Kitten packs, recently had a dangerous run-in with rat poison.

Now in recovery, thanks to the work of Edward Davies (the human star of the advert) and the other staff at CheshirePet, Flo’s owner originally visited the practice because she was bleeding from the mouth – they were concerned she might have cut it on a chew. After a thorough examination, it became apparent the problem was very serious. Flo had a clotting problem and an x-ray confirmed that she was bleeding into her lungs. As her owners live on a farm, the team at CheshirePet suspected that Flo had ingested rat bait poisoning (warfarin).

Once stabilised, Flo was transferred to Vets Now for intensive care. She underwent a plasma transfusion and Vitamin K treatment to aid her recovery. Since then, she’s been under observation with regular blood tests and a long course of vitamin K to combat the long-term effects of poisoning.

Edward Davies, Clinical director at CheshirePet, said that Flo had a ‘close shave’ and acknowledged that many dogs who ingest rat poison aren’t so lucky. Flo is recovering well after lots of TLC from her loving family and the quick thinking and prompt intensive treatment of the vets at CheshirePet and Vets Now. It remains a mystery as to how she came across and ate the poison.

If you’re concerned about the effects of rat poison on pets, click here for more information.

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