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Laser Treatment Boon for Pets

LaserPet, founded by Registered Veterinary Nurse Lauren Keenan, offers low level laser therapy using a global leader K-Laser machine, clinics are now available at the Standish practice.

Low level laser therapy is a non-invasive, pain-free treatment that stimulates the body’s own haling mechanism to help reduce pain and inflammation. It helps accelerate and improve the quality of healing.

Back pain, sprains, arthritis and wounds all respond well to treatment with a K-Laser. It can also help pets recover quicker after surgery, encouraging quicker healing. As an added bonus, pets normally find the procedure quite relaxing so they don’t need any extra sedation and the treatment time is around 15 minutes.

Lauren, LaserPet founder and therapist said,

“I have always had a passion for helping animals live happier, healthier lives. It’s what made me decide to become a veterinary nurse. I spent some time working as a nurse in the US where this type of treatment is used by a large proportion of practices to improve their patients’ health and well-being. I saw first-hand how it can really help.

She went on to say,

“My interest was piqued and I decided to become a K-Laser certified operator. I am very excited to be able to bring this treatment to more of the North West’s beloved pets!”

To find out more or to have a chat about how low level laser therapy could benefit your pet, call Gilmore Veterinary Surgery on 01257 426110 or drop Lauren an email on laserpetuk@gmail.com.

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