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Leading ECC hospital in Glasgow expands its team

The newly-expanded Vets Now 24/7 pet emergency and specialty hospital in Glasgow has added to its 103-strong clinical team due to increased demand, with the addition of a small animal surgery specialist and a new resident.

The news follows a recent announcement that the hospital added to its already established surgery team with the appointment of a specialist surgeon, Ana Marques, earlier this year.
Marko Stejskal, the Glasgow hospital’s newest small animal surgery specialist, has moved to Scotland from the University of Zagreb in Croatia, where he headed up the surgery department. Marko was approached on LinkedIn and made aware that Vets Now was looking for another surgeon focussing mainly on orthopaedics, which luckily is Marko’s biggest clinical interest.
And Alison Robertson is the latest resident to join the growing Glasgow hospital team, pursuing her ambition of becoming a specialist in emergency and critical care.
Marko says about his move to the Glasgow hospital, which recently underwent a £1.5m expansion: “It’s amazing. If I didn’t have the LinkedIn app on my phone in my pocket, I probably wouldn’t have known about this role. It sounded really, really interesting and I knew I’d be living in a great city - when I visited, I immediately fell in love with the place.”
“I arrived here just after Vets Now completed an extensive renovation at Glasgow so I walked into a beautiful, new hospital. I remember thinking, ‘I really cannot ask for more because I don’t think I’ll get it anywhere’.”
“The whole experience of getting myself out of my comfort zone has made me feel younger”, comments Marko on his new challenge. “All of a sudden I was going back to school with my little backpack and a sandwich. It makes you feel more alive because you’re challenging yourself.”
Since graduating from the University of Glasgow two years ago, new resident Alison has completed two rotating internships at the Vets Now hospital in Manchester and the vet school in Bristol.
Alison added: “I really wanted to go down the ECC residency route because there are two separate branches in emergency and critical care and I wanted a mix of both. I didn’t want to work solely in out of hours where you see emergencies, stabilise them, and then move on. I wanted to be somewhere with the potential to work with long-term ICU patients as well. The opportunity to return to my hometown of Glasgow and work in this hospital was too good to turn down.”
The newly-created roles follow news earlier this year that the Glasgow hospital launched a new small animal surgical residency programme, led by small animal surgery specialist, Davinia Arnott and her team at Glasgow.
Vets Now Glasgow, open 24/7, is located at 123-145 North Street, Glasgow, G3 7DA. For more information about the Vets Now hospital in Glasgow visit www.vets-now.com/Glasgow, and for further details about Vets Now visit www.vets-now.com.

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