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Lesley's Story

In my very first year as a vet I was looking for a job that would give me the chance take responsibility, to see interesting cases and to support me through the challenges of being a newly qualified vet. The positive feedback from previous IVC new grads, coupled with the attractive CPD program were the main reasons I chose the IVC New Grad Academy. 

I'm grateful for being part of the IVC team and I have already recommended it to others as joining IVC Graduate Academy has been very beneficial for me. As well as opportunities for further learning, having the chance to meet other young vets starting out and attending conferences have been particularly useful. 
I feel I have benefited from every single CPD event so far in my first year of the IVC Graduate Academy. They have all given me important tools to not only deal with everyday consults, but also to make the beginning of my career more enjoyable. 

That said, the event that was particularly memorable for me was the session by Carolyne Crowe. Through her coaching, I realized that we all share the same challenges when starting in veterinary medicine and there are ways to make it a smooth and enjoyable experience.  
Being a vet in the beginning of your career can be hard and intimidating sometimes. However, it is a very exciting and rewarding job. The satisfaction of relieving an animal's discomfort as well as the gratitude of their owners is very fulfilling.

Lesley Francesca Evelina De Rosario MRCVS

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