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Mark's Story

I had never heard of IVC before as I am from Australia, but looking at what they offered and how the company is built around keeping smaller practices as local practices and not imprinting a new brand or logo really attracted me to the company. The Graduate academy looked like it had a lot to offer and plenty of opportunity to help develop my skills as a vet in my first year out of university. 

Every veterinary graduate should be surrounded with support in their first job. It can be a very stressful first few months and having mentors and colleagues around you to help you through it is really important for your mental health and your development as a new vet. 

The CPD events are great fun. You get to meet other new graduates from around the country and have plenty of resources to help you stay up to date with CPD topics. It also has offered a structural program and timeline of skills that should be reached in my first few weeks and months at the new clinic. This ensures I wont be thrown into on-call work all by myself on my first shift.

This will come as a surprise to many, but I am most looking forward to the dentistry CPD. I didn't get much exposure to dentistry in my final year rotations so it will be good to refresh my knowledge and get a good grasp on dental hygiene and how to correct it with dental procedures.

Being a new grad means you are uncoordinated with a lot of things. The surgical skills CPD has really helped me refine my suturing skills, with techniques in surgery and I am more comfortable knowing my ligatures are secure and wound closures are neat.

My first rabbit castration was one of the highlights of my first few months in practice, and treating a bird with an infection on its wing. It’s these moments when you know you can really treat more than one species. 
I have told all my friends about what I get to do and how fun it has been, I've even tried recruiting some of them to come over and apply. I'd recommend it to any new grad feeling nervous about graduating and working for the first time as a vet.

Mark Owen MRCVS