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Michaela's Story

I knew I wanted to be a vet when I was really young. Me and my sister used to pretend we were vets and use pins to vaccinate our teddies. A few years and many exams later, I was ready to finally work as a newly qualified vet and was keen to find a practice that was supportive and well structured.

The IVC Graduate Academy stood out to me due to the construction of the scheme including the wide range of extensive CPD courses and also the support system available throughout the two-year programme. I am very happy to have such a supportive mentor and I have learnt so much from the IVC Graduate Academy’s CPD courses, as well as the Vet eCPD courses that we get access to. My favourite CPD event so far was the wet lab dentistry event, this was very hands on and practical, which gave me enough confidence to perform surgical extractions in practice.

It is great that we get to meet up with other new graduates on a regular basis, as this offers a different area of support and where we can all relate to the highs and lows of being a new grad vet.

Looking back on my first year in practice my most memorable moment was removing a duck bone from a springer spaniel puppy. This involved a lot of support from my mentor as I had to perform a gastrostomy to remove the bone. It was so rewarding to see the puppy back all fixed.

For anyone who wants to continue learning and be part of an organisation that cares about their new graduates then this is for you.

Michaela Wegg MRCVS