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John's story

When John Ambler BVM&S MRCVS sold his 3 practices to IVC in 2012 he planned to stay for 6 months whilst the practice team settled in and then retire. So what led him to still be here 5 years later?

“To be perfectly honest I just didn’t think it would be the same,” explains John, “ I was obviously keen to make sure my staff were looked after and that they all settled in as part of IVC’s extended family but I never dreamed it would still feel like my baby. As the month’s passed I was surprised at how well Oakfield integrated and I was encouraged to keep my hand ‘at the tiller’ in the same way I’d always done.

Of course there was some change. We switched wholesaler and lab, and adopted the buying suggestions endorsed by the IVC Clinical Board, but other than that we kept on going in the way we always had.
My staff have also greatly benefitted by being part of IVC; there’s much more CPD and forums for them to engage with and retention actually improved after we joined.

The practice has flourished with further investment in facilities, training and signage - FAR more than I ever dared to spend when independent. I also no longer have to worry about invoices and VAT returns, have more time to be a Vet and more time off as we grew. It’s definitely the way forward and like many of my peers I heartily recommend joining IVC. I genuinely believe they are the best ‘home’ for Independent Practices.

Obviously I am free to retire whenever I want - the IVC Academy develops home grown Clinical
Directors of the future – but until then I’m thrilled to continue steering the ship.”

John Ambler BVM&S MRCVS Clinical Director, Oakfield Veterinary