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John's story

“When considering selling, my partners and I felt that IVC were much further on the journey of understanding and accurately supporting mixed practices, and we have not been disappointed. 

IVC have separate farm, equine and small animal clinical advisory boards – and that matters. I’m delighted and proud to be 1 of 12 vets that make up the IVC Farm Board. We’re quite a diverse bunch covering the whole of the UK and all variations of farm work.

Day to day things have continued as normal for our clients, as we continue to run things locally. The clue’s in the name ‘independent’ because we are, yet lots of new opportunities have arisen thanks to being part of such a responsive group. When I do finally retire I know our practice will be in safe hands, within a community of likeminded practices all pulling together resources and expertise for the greater veterinary good.”

John Blackwell BVCs MRCVS, Brownlow Vets, Clinical Director