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Clinical Board

Independent Vetcare chooses to put animals first.

The Clinical Board

An elected group of experienced small animal vets representing the breadth of our workforce, from general practitioners to specialist referral vets. The role of the Clinical Board is to ratify clinical decision making at group level, supporting our ethos of Clinical Excellence. The Board produces materials for our vet and nurse teams to use at their discretion, providing clear guidance whilst allowing complete professional autonomy. Every decision making is focused around these 4 pillars:

  • 1

    Patient Safety

    Everything we do is in the best interest of our patients and therefore safety is our number one priority.

  • 2

    Clinical Excellence

    Our clinicians pride themselves in clinical excellence. We guide and uphold these standards through our clinical guidelines.

  • 3

    Purchasing Advice

    We are committed to helping our clinicians make the right choice both clinically and commercially.

  • 4


    Our commitment to patient welfare is a fundamental principle held across our clinicians. The clinical board aim to continually build on our exceptional standards.