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At IVC we have a wide range of referral services for a wide range of pets.

Our Referral Practices

We recognise that not all pets need the same referral treatment, and our practices vary from the small sites with one or two vets with advanced qualifications to the larger multi-disciplinary centres, run by Specialists. This enables you and your vet to decide what is best for your pet. With over 90 practices offering referral services, we can offer you a choice of location, cost and levels of equipment. This ties in nicely with our key principles of exceptional care, provided by local practices and led by their own vets.

The number of referral practices is constantly growing. To find your nearest practice, please see our Referral Guide. If you think your pet needs a referral consultation, please discuss this with your usual vet.

Our referral practices are all run by their own vets locally, but we also have a strong ethos of sharing expertise and experiences so that we always improve and evolve our care for the pets and owners that we see. IVC is committed to future investment in the growth of all its practices, and in particular its members of staff.

Job opportunities

With such a range of practices, we can offer opportunities in many parts of the country to allow you to enjoy that important work-life balance. Positions are often available for holders of Certificates, RCVS Advanced Practitioners and European, RCVS and other Specialists. Veterinary Nurses are always required, and we encourage the development of interests or pursuit of further qualifications.

For those wanting to start on the road to specialisation, we also offer some Rotating Internships and European Residencies.

For further details or a confidential discussion of opportunities within the group, please contact Debbie Loding, Recruitment Manager.

Selling your referral practice
We are always looking for good quality referral practices to join our Group. For further information or a confidential discussion, please contact either Stuart Caton or Keith Chandler.

Referral Guide

The number of referral practices is constantly growing. To find your nearest practice, please see our Referral Guide.

Referral Guide